If you have never had your HVAC unit replaced before (or have gone years without a replacement), then you likely wonder what’s to come. Here’s what to expect when you’re expecting … a new HVAC unit!

Plumbing Myths

We don’t believe anyone is spreading this particular myth, but it can’t hurt to make sure it’s debunked all the same. Our locally-owned business is at your service to remedy all your plumbing problems, whatever the scale of those problems might be.

Preparation prior to vacation

Nothing kills the post-vacation mellow quicker than coming home to discover your home’s plumbing and heating in ruination. But avoiding disaster is easy – just follow these steps.

Unthawing Pipes

Despite your best efforts, sometimes frozen pipes are simply unavoidable. If the pipes in your home or place of business have frozen or otherwise become damaged, contact us today!

Toilet Paper Alternatives

Has a clogged toilet forced you to find an alternative bathroom in your own home? Do you have any other need for expert, affordable plumbing in Sioux Falls? Then we welcome you to reach out to PrairieSons today!

Holiday Party

Don’t give your furnace a chance to fail during the all-important holidays! Reach out to PrairieSons today to schedule a full furnace cleaning and inspection, and one of our HVAC specialists will be right out to make sure everything’s in full working order.

Using a Fireplace

Curious whether or not you should run your central heat while using your fireplace? Find out what PrairieSons has to say with the winter temps making their appearance.

Grease Donw a Kitchen Sink

Never – under any circumstances – pour grease down the drain. You might be eager to rid your kitchen of the unctuous mess, but grease can wreak havoc on your plumbing, septic tank, and local sewer system!

Running Toilet

A constantly running toilet doesn’t just sound annoying, it’s also wasteful. Fortunately, a running toilet is a plumbing problem that even an absolute novice is able to fix on their own. Here are the four most common reasons for a running toilet and how to take care of them yourself!

Burning Smell With Heater

It’s a phenomenon that anyone who has lived in a cold place knows all too well: You turn on the heat during the first cold day of autumn, and a distinctive burning smell begins to fill your home. If your furnace makes a burning smell when you turn it on for the first time in a while, you almost certainly have nothing to worry about!