Heating Tips for Hosting Holiday Parties

Holiday Parties

Eating lots of food, celebrating with people you love – the holiday party is the pinnacle of every year. And now that the older generation has handed down the responsibility of entertaining, it is up to you to host the best shindigs these parts have ever seen.

Keeping your guests happy means keeping them well supplied with food, drinks, and additional drinks for the more revelrous of the bunch. It also means keeping them warm. You don’t want Aunt Mary and Uncle Mark heading home early, which is why you should follow our heating tips for hosting holiday parties!

Close Off Spare Rooms

Remember high school house parties, where every room got taken over by a different social clique? (With exception of the host’s parents’ room, which was universally respected as off-limits.) Well, you’re probably hosting a more dignified kind of holiday party than that, where everyone will gather to share each other’s company. This means you can close off spare rooms without killing the atmosphere, which will help trap in all the heat radiating from the oven and your guests’ bodies!

Use a Humidifier

You don’t necessarily have to turn up the heat to keep your guests warm. You can also make the room more humid with the help of a humidifier. Increasing the relative humidity inside your home will technically make it harder for your guests’ bodies to lose heat, but they’re not going to notice the difference – unless you overdo it, and condensation begins forming on your windows. The best indoor humidity falls between 30 and 60%, which will reduce the growth of mold.

Replace Your Furnace’s Air Filter

Convention holds that you should change your furnace’s air filter every 90 days. That is often enough to prevent damage to the furnace, as well as keep dust and other irritants from circulating around your home. But if you’re having guests over, you can treat them to the cleanest air you have to offer by replacing your furnace filter just before their arrival. Filters only cost about $20 apiece, and replacing them is a welcoming gesture.

Clean Your Air Vents

Before the party gets started, you may want to do a quick circuit of your home to dust off the air vents. This will also help your guests breathe easier, as well as prevent any of your nitpicky older relatives from raising allegations against your housekeeping. It is also a good opportunity to check for dust inside your ductwork. If you notice too much, then a routine duct cleaning is in order!

Don’t Forget About Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans serve an obvious purpose during the summer, but many people have no idea that ceiling fans are also designed to circulate heat! Hot air rises while cold air sinks, which means your home’s warmest air is settling up by the ceiling where it can’t do your houseguests any good.

Look closely: Your ceiling fan has a switch on its motor casing. Flipping it will reverse the direction of the blades’ rotation, which will cause them to force all that warm ceiling air downward! You only have to run the ceiling fan on its lowest setting to enjoy its greatest warming effect, but running it while you’re not in the room will do nothing more than waste electricity.

Use a Space Heater

If you don’t believe your furnace is up to the important task of keeping your guests warm, then it’s not cheating to place a space heater or two where no one will trip on them. Just remember these important space heater safety tips:

  1. Make certain to keep your space heater three feet away from anything that could catch fire.

  2. Never leave a space heater unattended.

  3. Never plug a space heater into an extension cord.

  4. Keep your space heater seated on a flat, even surface on the ground.

  5. Space heaters are dangerous enough on their own. It doesn’t help that young children often find them interesting. Never leave an unsupervised kid with a space heater!

Get a Furnace Cleaning and Inspection

Murphy’s law dictates that your furnace will pick the worst imaginable time to break down. The one day a year when you get to welcome Aunt Mary and Uncle Mark to your home? Well, that’s the worst imaginable time.

Don’t give your furnace a chance to fail during the all-important holidays! Reach out to PrairieSons today to schedule a full furnace cleaning and inspection, and one of our HVAC specialists will be right out to make sure everything’s in full working order. We’ll save you from any inconvenience, and we’ll even save you money as your furnace operates longer and more efficiently.