HVAC Spring Maintenance Tips

Spring HVAC Maintennace

The birds are back, the flowers are sprouting, and the ice fishermen have gone back to being regular fishermen. It is spring: the only time of year when it’s possible to do spring cleaning!

No spring cleaning is complete without performing a little much-needed HVAC maintenance. You want to make sure your HVAC system is still in good shape after keeping you warm all winter – and also ready to keep you cool and comfortable for the coming summer months. Here are our HVAC spring maintenance tips!

Check the Ducts

Energy Star warns that leaky ducts can decrease HVAC efficiency by up to 20%. Make certain your ducts aren’t poised to waste your money by carefully inspecting them for visible gaps and tears. Pay special attention to any sections of your ductwork that have previously been taped over. Keep your HVAC system on while you are inspecting its ducts so leaks will become more obvious. A tool called a smoke pencil will make duct leak detection easier, but a stick of incense works as well.

Maintain the Outdoor Unit

If your AC condenser is located on the exterior of your home, then you should already be in the habit of cleaning it once a year. Whether you decide to disassemble the AC condenser yourself or hire an HVAC service in Sioux Falls is up to you, but you can at the very least (A) clear its exterior of loose vegetation and other debris and (B) ensure no large plants are growing within a two-foot radius of the unit. If you have a dog, apply an odor spray to discourage them from “marking” your AC condenser. Dog water is highly acidic and will quickly destroy sensitive metal components!

Clear the Air Conditioner’s Drainage Hole

Your air conditioner dehumidifies your home while cooling its air. But just like a dog, it has to release all of the moisture that it absorbs. Your AC sends the water it gathers to its drain pan, which is located beneath the condenser coils at the bottom of the unit, and that drain pan’s drainage hole is essential to preventing overflow. If you find rust or other debris obstructing your AC unit’s drain pan and drain hole, go ahead and clear it out before water begins overflowing into your living space.

Not all air conditioners are the same. If your window AC unit has a drainage hose, then it leads directly to the drain pan and drain hole. If it lacks a drainage hose, then locating the drain pan may require looking for dripping water. Some AC units lack drain holes altogether; or, if they have drain holes, they should remain plugged during normal operation. These units implement slinger rings, which help them operate more efficiently by slinging accumulated water against their condenser coils.

Replace the Air Filter

US Home Filter advises replacing economical fiberglass air filters every 30 days. If you have invested in high-tech HEPA filters, then you may swap them out every six months. Replacing your HVAC system’s filter in the spring won’t just ensure that you breathe cleaner air. It will also help your HVAC unit perform more efficiently, which will effectively lengthen its lifespan and lower your heating and cooling bills.

Test the Air Conditioner

The highest temperature ever recorded in South Dakota was 120 °F. You don’t want to discover that your air conditioner is broken before such sweltering weather arrives, which is why you should get into the habit of testing your AC in the springtime. Let your AC run at full blast for a while – if it indicates a problem, your HVAC professional will have plenty of time to provide the fix.

Replace the Thermostat

A programmable thermostat won’t just allow you to control your home’s temperature remotely. It will also increase energy efficiency by only heating or cooling your home to your preferred temperatures while you are around to enjoy them. A smart thermostat also quickly pays for itself, as it saves an average of $131 to $145 on energy bills every year!

Schedule Routine Maintenance

It is highly advised that you have your HVAC system professionally maintained at least once a year. Since it is equally advised that you have your AC unit serviced every spring, now is a great time to contact PrairieSons! We serve homeowners, property managers, and business owners of the greater Sioux Falls area for all their heating, air conditioning, and plumbing needs, as we’re just as available for routine maintenance as we are for emergency repairs. Our team makes sure you never lose your cool!