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Now that the weather is colder, think PrairieSons for all of your furnace needs! This winter, we’ll clean and tune your furnace so it works right away, providing quiet and efficient heat all winter long. Avoid the frigid frustration by scheduling a professional furnace inspection at PrairieSons today.

Clean and Tune Checklist:
– We check for dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.
– We visually inspect the heat exchanger.
– We check the flame sensor reading.
– We check and clean burners for proper combustion and ignition.
– We check and clean the blower operation.
– We visually inspect air filters.
– We check gas pressure to furnace.
– We check exhaust venting condition and termination. 
– We check electrical connections.
– We check operation of thermostat and safety controls.
– We check for correct temperature rise.
– We check the condensates drain.