Plumbing & HVAC Services for Bathroom Remodels

Remodeling a Bathroom

By focusing on plumbing, heating, and cooling services, the PrairieSons team gets to create value in every type of room and building imaginable. We go wherever water and air go – which is to say we go everywhere!

One type of project we especially enjoy is bathroom remodeling. Making our contractor partners’ plans come to fruition – ahead of schedule and under budget, of course – is immensely satisfying. And the look on a homeowner’s face when they finally get to see the finished bathroom they always dreamed of having in their house? It’s second only to when we see our kids’ faces on Christmas morning.

Our extensive range of plumbing and HVAC services poises us to do great work on virtually any bathroom remodel, from the complete overhaul to the littlest cosmetic touchup. Here are just three of the bathroom improvements we regularly create throughout the greater Sioux Falls, SD area!

New Fixtures & Plumbing

We have nothing but respect for the passionate DIY-er who is determined to install their new shower, sink or toilet without the aid of a professional plumber. We get to meet these DIY-ers quite often – while we’re fixing the damage they’ve done to their own bathrooms.

Installing a new shower may seem like an easy project upfront. But even if you’re installing a prefabricated unit, making certain it will align correctly with the pipes can be fairly complex. If your new shower demands the installation of new plumbing, the project becomes more complicated still. We won’t get into the details of cutting a permanent hole through the unit for the plumbing fixture, securing everything into place, sealing the seams, and perfectly leveling the pan so water can drain and not accumulate. We’ll just emphasize once more that shower installation is a job better left to the pros.

Sinks and toilets demand no less attention to detail. A qualified plumber will not only give you the longest-lasting fixture but also make sure any pipes involved aren’t in need of repair or replacement before the new installation can continue. It’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your new fixture’s drainage system – especially when “sorry” can take the form of over $2,000 in water damage restoration.

Heated Flooring

Radiant floor heat is a great addition to nearly any bathroom. A water-based heated floor is significantly more efficient at warming a room than a traditional radiator. Heated floors also create no cold spots, demand next to no maintenance, free up wall space, and are compatible with any type of tile, vinyl, wood, or laminate flooring. Heated floors also don’t circulate air that could carry around dust mites and other allergens.

But for all its blessings, there is nothing better a heated floor can do than warm your bare feet on a cold winter morning. It’s almost worth getting out of bed for!

While its energy efficiency will have an appreciable effect on your energy bills, radiant floor heating costs relatively more upfront than other forms of heating. Its installation is also more complicated as it requires removal of the floor – which must subsequently become higher. Ensuring that a bathroom’s new heated floor comes together seamlessly, however, is just one of PrairieSons’ many specialties.


Too many homeowners overlook the necessity of good ventilation while planning their bathroom remodel. This is understandable, as backsplashes and vanities are far more interesting than ductwork. But making certain your newly remodeled bathroom will have adequate ventilation is absolutely crucial. Otherwise, the trapped humidity will create the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew – neither of which will compliment your newly remodeled bathroom’s style.

We often advise our clients who are remodeling an older bathroom to take its ventilation into account as well. Creating an air vent while we’re installing a new fixture or heated flooring takes very little time, and the costs are negligible compared to the damage which mold and mildew threaten to do to a poorly ventilated bathroom.

Would you like to talk about your upcoming bathroom remodel with the tristate area’s foremost expert on plumbing and HVAC? Contact PrairieSons today! We’re standing by to give you inspiration or explain how we can help make your dream bathroom a reality.