8 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs to Be Replaced or Repaired

Air Conditioners after being repaired


“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time.”

Murphy’s law is the reason why plumbing issues always seem to pop up during Christmas and whenever guests are visiting. But air conditioner failure follows a more logical principle: A machine designed to turn hot air into cold air is most likely to kick the bucket whenever the sultiriest summer weather presents it with an outstanding challenge.

You can exercise all the caution in the world and still suffer a broken air conditioner at the least convenient time. But if you pay close attention to the signs that your air conditioner needs repair or replacement, you’ll have a much better chance at avoiding sweltering heat in your home!


1. Your Air Conditioner Blows Warm Air

This AC failure is so obvious that we almost feel silly including it on our list. Simply put, if your AC fails to do the one and only thing it is meant to, then it’s not working right. The problem could be as minor as an interruption to the AC’s power supply, a dirty condenser or an obstructed air filter. But if the problem is less obvious, you need help from an HVAC technician right away.


2. It Blows Very Little Air

Weak air flow may result from one of several problems. It could indicate a broken compressor, which is the pump that circulates refrigerant throughout the AC system, or it may simply mean that dust has constricted your ducts. A malfunctioning motor, fan belt or wheel may all be culprits as well. Getting to the root of a problem with so many potential causes is best left to a professional!


3. The System Operates Noisily

Even if it is otherwise operating flawlessly, a noisy AC is a nuisance and at imminent risk of total failure. Loud noises emanating from an AC indicate that any one of its numerous moving parts is broken or otherwise malfunctioning. Only a professional can quickly diagnose the problem, zero in on the misbehaving part and provide the cost-effective fix.


4. There’s A Smelly Odor

A smelly AC won’t necessarily fail to cool your home – it’s just unpleasant for other obvious reasons. We regret to inform you that a smelly air conditioner could mean your ducts are now haunted as the result of a rodent or bird dying somewhere inside them. Alternatively, it may mean that mold has colonized the ducts, the unit or both. Living in close proximity to a dead animal or mold can make you ill, so don’t delay fixing this problem!


5. The Thermostat Isn’t Working

Its thermostat is like your AC’s brain: Without it, it doesn’t know what to do. If your AC won’t turn on, or alternatively only turns on for very brief amounts of time, that may indicate its thermostat is malfunctioning. Hopefully the thermostat’s batteries just need replacement, but corroded wiring or a broken anticipator can both necessitate a thermostat’s outright replacement.


6. Your AC System Doesn’t Remove Humidity

An air conditioner’s capacity for dehumidification isn’t unlimited, although the machine still ought to remove some humidity from the air while in operation. Air that passes through an AC should deposit some of its moisture on the evaporator coils and eventually drain out of the unit. But if an AC unit is too small or large for the space it is intended to cool – or its filters have clogged or worn out – then it cannot effectively remove humidity from the air it circulates.


7. Your System May Be Old

A central AC’s lifespan usually falls between 15 to 20 years. An AC nearing the end of its lifespan becomes terribly inefficient, and so many of its components are at immediate risk of failure that repair is no longer a cost-effective solution. Retiring and replacing a very old AC is the best solution!

Even if your older AC appears to function satisfactorily, keep an eye on your electricity bill. If it steadily rises during the warmer months, the culprit is likely an increasingly inefficient AC unit. Likewise, if your AC has needed three or more repairs during a single summer, it’s desperately trying to show you that it will soon kick the bucket.


8. Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking

Worst case scenario, your AC is leaking refrigerant. The freon that comprises refrigerant isn’t just essential to an AC unit’s operation; it is also toxic, so you must seek professional repair at once if you notice a thin, greasy liquid exuding from your unit. Alternatively, your AC is leaking water. That obviously poses no health risk, although it likely means the tube which disposes of condensation is blocked or otherwise malfunctioning.


Do you need air conditioner installation, maintenance or repair in the greater Sioux Falls, SD area? Contact PrairieSons today! Our expert team is standing by to quickly identify and repair any and all AC problems, as well as install a new unit that will save you money on your electricity bill and prevent the need for any more repairs for the foreseeable future.